Tue Apr 1

Loving Mommy

Are you still having accidents?  Wetting the bed and pissing in your underoos?  Well I’m NOT having it!  Not now NOT EVER! If you piss your pants you not only will be spanked until your bottom was the color of roma tomatoes.  you will also be punished and made to sit on a baby potty in the corner.  I’m sure your friends will be patient and wait for you while you sit on the potty…I don’t think they will tell the rest of the school that they saw you sitting on the potty and being diapered by your mommy.  Don’t worry I’ll send plenty of diapers to the school nurse, along with a note to your teacher instructing her to send you to the nurses office when you piss and poop your diaper.

I know it won’t be long before you get your first nickname.  Poopy pants sounds about right, but don’t worry I don’t think that’s gonna make the girls from talking and playing with you.  I mean after all not all girls want a boyfriend that’s potty trained….lol

Call Mommy Ava for all your diaper punishment and humiliation.



Tue Mar 25

Mommas Special Boy

Are you an adult baby whos into abdl phone sex and needs Mommy’s special love and attention?  I am a very loving, nurturing but very strict Mommy.  I will not put up with whiny naughty babies.  I won’t think twice before I put you over my knee for a good spanking. Harsher punishments will be given if the spanking does not work.  Mommy will force you to sit in a soiled diaper in the corner when she has company over. All of her girlfriends will point and laugh and complain about how stinky you smell. And if none of that works I’ll resort to the ultimate form of humiliation.. Having all of my friends dress you up as a little gurl. That would be something wouldn’t it! Ahaha I can imagine it now. Putting you in a cute little dress and having you twirl around and practicing your curtsey for me. Maybe you’ll think twice before being a naughty abbie during our diaper punishment phone sex session now won’t you?



Sun Mar 9

I’m your mommy

 Attention abdl lovers and diaper enthusiasts! Are you looking for a mommy who can be stern and loving all at the same time? Well you’re looking right at her! This mommy is for you. Im ava and im here to make all of your mommy fantasies come true! Abdl is my specialty and damn am I good at it! So give me a call, mommy wants to talk to her aby bois and gurls



Mon Nov 18

Your teacher of sissifacation

Sit back and let Mistress Ava unleash your inner dirty sissy slut.  Let’s face it every sissy eventually will be approached by a man looking for some fun.  When that time comes I will make sure my sissy has had lots of practice sucking on my huge strap on, and taking it deep in your sissy ass.  Many hours will be spent showing you how to pleasure a man sissifying you so no man can resist looking at you or keeping their hands of your panties.


Let Mistress Ava prepare you for that big day when you spread your legs and open your hot little mouth for a real cock.



Mon Oct 14

Potty Training

Last night started with another Great Adult Baby Call. Are you still pee peeing in your bed? Do you know how sick and tired I am of having to clean your sheets? This is crazy. You know what? I think I have just the solution for this. From now on, you will be wearing diapers. This will save me so much laundry. You want to act like an adult baby then I’ll treat you like one. Where shall we go. I think Wal-Mart has some adult disposable underwear. Or maybe you prefer cloth? No never mind cloth would be even more of a mess. We need a lot of padding on that hiney to keep it from leaking. It’s so sad how I have to be bothered just because you’re too lazy to use the toilet like a normal man. You’re just a big aby. What you want me to feed you bottles too? I bet you do huh. Why don’t I just take care of everything while you sit around making a mess in your diaper all day. And I’m telling you right now young man, the moment you fuss when I am changing you, that will be the last diaper you get changed for that day. Yep I’ll just keep you in a stinky diaper all day. Maybe you’ll learn your lesson. If not there’s always tomorrow, and the next day and the next day. Adult baby Potty training all over again.

Mon Sep 9

Little Fluffer

Get on your knees you pathetic sissy faggot. I am tired of you disobeying me. I told you loud and clear you are not allowed to touch yourself without my permission is that clear? You violated my orders and I think it’s only fair that I violate you. Now get on your knees in front of me. I pull out a strapon from inside my panties. You are going to suck on this strapon. I want you to deep throat it. I don’t care if you choke or gag. You are going to suck this strapon until I think you’re ready for a real cock. Maybe next time you’ll follow my orders won’t you? Until then we’re going to have some forced bi roleplay until you’re known as the biggest sissy cocksucker on the street.



Mon Sep 2

Stinky Ass

What’s that smell? Is it coming from you? It smells like an abdl shit themselves! Did you shit yourself again? Seriously? How many times have I told you I am not a fucking maid. I have better things to do than scrub your shitty underwear all day. I’m still young and hot I don’t need to be a house slave. YOU are the one who is going to be the slave. That’s right. My diaper slave. From now on you are to wear nothing but diapers. You aren’t allowed to use the potty anymore because only big boi’s use the potty. But it’s not like you we’re using it to begin with right? I hope this teaches you a lesson and makes you think twice before spoiling your pants like the naughty diaper boi you are.



Mon Apr 27

Girdles, stockings and petticoats….


Remember peeking at mom when she was putting on her panties and stockings?  Did you wish she would dress you up like a little princess?  Put you in pretty panties and bra?  This Mommy would love to be your Sissy Coach… There is so much more to being a proper sissy, it’s more than just dressing pretty and wearing lip gloss…..
1 888 430-2010

Sun Apr 19